April may, but May may not (#SFWApro)

With our Mensa trip last weekend, I forgot to post anything about how my April goals went. Since you asked, I completed about 80percent of them. That includes most of my writing goals,  sending our taxes in, renewing my passport, and gettng back to work on dealing with contractors. On the downside, I didn’t finish my Southern Discomfort outline, didn’t get anywhere at all on re-outlining Brain From Outer Space and my nonfiction queries went nowhere. But I knew it wouldn’t be a perfect transition from working on the book to concentrating on fiction.

Likewise I knew this week would be a mess. Monday we picked up the dogs in the morning; in the afternoon I had an MRI (nothing serious, some persistent recurring ankle pain). Tuesday and Wednesday, TYG had to leave me in full charge of the puppies, plus I had to run some errands Tuesday, plus the electrician came over to make some fixes in the kitchen wiring (you can see the dogs watching us from the living room). Wednesday I had to start off the day with the dogs following me around—it’s really surprising how much difference it makes having the first 90 minutes or so to myself.

puppy prison

That said, I did manage to finish Schloss and the Switchblade and sent it out. I did finally resolve Maria Rogero’s Very Good Reason in Southern Discomfort (details next week) and started rewriting instead of just outlining (10,000 words so far, though a lot of that is just carried over from the previous draft). I submitted my new And column (on Trump’s claim people only vote for Clinton because she’s a woman) and I finally finished that RPG module I’ve been working on — well finish as in “submit to editor, wait for feedback.” Still even when it was going well, my schedule was chaotic enough that I felt very off-key.

As I’ve said before, when life gets in the way of writing, sometimes you fight back, sometimes you just have to roll with it. This was a roll-with-it week, but I didn’t really roll. I’m so used to structuring my time, having it became all gooey and shapeless like this felt very frustrating.

Bring on next week (well, after a relaxing weekend).

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