March in review, April ahead (#SFWApro)

I accomplished roughly 70 percent of my goals for March. It would have been 80 percent but the extra work required to get Time Travel on Scree out in time (no pun intended) took precedence. I don’t feel too bad about that.

And last night I accomplished one of my minor goals for the month, having a get-together to celebrate finishing the book. It was only a couple of people besides TYG and me, but it was still fun (I may hold another one when the indexing and proofing is done).

April, of course, is going to be … interesting (today doesn’t really count, I’m still off duty). I’ve scheduled a lot of fiction to get done, and it’s quite possibly too ambitious. But I figure my first month post-book, I should be ambitious. If it doesn’t go well, I’ll rethink. The main concerns:

•I should be able to get a 40-hour week in with just five days and one evening of work, even with the puppies to care for. But weeks often aren’t that obliging: next week I have one contractor to deal with (possibly more) and one doctor’s appointment, so I’ll have to make up for that. I hate spending more than one evening working — when TYG’s back from work I’d like to be able to focus on her — but it may be necessary (or I make Sunday work a regular part of my schedule).

•Plush is still being extremely needy and distracting — I can ignore barking but if he climbs onto tables or my lap desk, that pretty much mandates having to take care of him. However giving him sessions of heavy stroking and fussing seems to satisfy him so maybe scheduling those into the day will work pre-emptively.

•What if with all this time I don’t actually get more productive? Just keep rewriting my stories and not being able to make them work or something.

Still I’m pretty pumped about this. Wish me luck.

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