I feel extremely chuffed (#SFWApro)

As frequently happens I assigned myself a number of chores this weekend. As infrequently happens I got them all done.

•Made oatmeal cookie pancakes (oats, flour, chocolate chips, raisins, pecans).

•Made hummus (TYG’s request).

•Decided (at least tentatively) what I want from TYG for my birthday.

•Repotted the Christmas cactus.

•Bought seed and refilled the bird feeder.

•Picked up some dog treats with the coupon Lily’s mom gave us for dog-sitting.

•Bought a replacement light bulb.

•Replaced the Brita pitcher water filter.

•Did some more work on Mum’s taxes.

Plus we went out to dinner last night, and I went bicycling today. Which aren’t chores, but I’m still pleased we squeezed them in.

To celebrate, here’s another example of a neat SF cover. Art is uncredited, all rights with current holder.


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