Whining about culture, and other political links

Roy Edroso has for years mocked right-wingers who grumble about how the liberals control the culture—movies, TV, books, etc.—and conservatives have to take it back (because it’s only that liberal propaganda that keeps America from agreeing with Republicans). Here’s a special example: National Review’s David French not only complaints about the lack of right-wing culture, but how it’s impossible to produce it in a world so totally dominated by the eeevil left.

In addition to Roy’s mockery and that of his commenters, I’ll add a point of my own: Conservative Christians have already produced right-wing culture. The Left Behind series were bestsellers. There are Christian films, TV shows, kids shows (and Veggie Tales is actually fairly decent). Yet somehow the culture as a whole is not swept away. If conservatism doesn’t have a stronger foothold in pop culture, maybe that’s because the market has spoken. Which is usually a Good Thing in conservative circles, but never when it concerns the media (it doesn’t matter if people want to see S-E-X, they shouldn’t get it!).

•It appears male biology students may rank fellow students’ competence based partly on gender.

•Digby looks at voter statistics and finds Trump’s supporters are like American voters 50 years ago—majority white, Christian and married. But Trump strategists are still hoping to win over black voters.

•Beyonce does a production with a Black Lives Matter theme. Ergo, she inspires blacks to shoot cops, according to police spokesmen.

•A petsitter sues a couple who hired her for $6,000 because they criticized her on Yelp.

•Applause for how the government handled the Malheur crisis and Vanilla Isis.

•Wal-Mart is paying third parties to analyze employee spending to assess their health (do they shop at bike stores or donut stores?), which they will use to offer helpful health advice. Of course kindly companies like Wal-Mart would totally never abuse that knowledge to say, weed out workers who aren’t in good shape. And I was struck by the assurance that credit scores can be a reliable measure of healthy living. Maybe but this screams “convenient metric so that I can make snap judgments” to me, or “pay me to get credit information, I can tell you anything about the target individual!”

•Megan McArdle recycles cliches about why judges shouldn’t rule on political issues: it’s an “end run” around the political process, it alienates people and drives them to extremes, and the Supreme Court federalizes issues and applies the same laws everywhere. As various LGM posts have observed in the past (no links, sorry) there’s no evidence that court resolutions make people more extreme on the issues (e.g., Roe vs. Wade didn’t make right-to-lifers more aggressive). And sometimes getting around the political process — Brown vs. Board of Education, the Supreme Court’s gay-marriage decision last year — is a good thing. Plus, McArdle has no problems with getting around the process when it suits her: she cheered the Hobby Lobby win despite the fact the laws requiring their employees receive birth control came right out of the Executive and Legislative federal branches.

•Even with good insurance, an ambulance ride can cost you.

•The FTC charged a data broker with knowingly selling personal data to scammers. The settlement: $4.1 million.



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