Random political link post

Some links on the death of Scalia and what it means (and here’s another). And no, it does not mean Obama has no right to appoint a replacement (although hordes of conservative bloggers disagree). Or that Obama had Scalia whacked.

•Antidepressants aren’t perfect, but they do help people with serious problems.

•Louisiana faces epic budget deficits.

•”PIT” is a method by which cop cars can gently force a fleeing vehicle into a controlled spin without harm. But in some states, PIT winds up killing people.

•The rich not only have more money than the poor, they live longer.

•Air BnB horror story: a man rents out his neighbor’s apartment under another name, then refuses to leave.

•Republican women may suffer from voter ID laws because of rules about proving name changes when you marry or divorce (and no, I do not think it’s a good thing).

•Black Americans being haunted by slavery, Jim Crow and discrimination is just like white Southerners pining for the Confederacy, according to one Catholic conservative.

•Both sides in the eastern Ukraine are prone to using schools as military sites. Doesn’t work out well for students.

•Cluster bombs, which do a lot of damage to civilians, have been deployed by Russia and Syria in Syria’s ongoing conflict.

•The Zika virus in South America causes kids to be born microcephalic. Two U.S. legislators don’t see the solution as abortion or birth control, it’s that women should embrace microcephaly.

•Here’s some good news: Georgia evangelical Christians helping Syrian refugees.

•Somehow I doubt we’ll see the religious right protesting this lawsuit against school-sponsored Mormon prayer.

•Five federal programs that benefited the Bundy clan despite their pretense they oppose government handouts.

•Some scams and crooks depend on regular businesses to make the con work. This company too.

•Apparently sending SWAT teams against people while they’re visible on line is a thing. And now some debt scammers are employing it (call in a SWAT tip, tell the mark that they’ve come to get the $$).

•A lot of Republican voters prefer Trump or Cruz, but some of the punditry are still giddy for Rubio.

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