Cover Art for Art’s Sake (#SFWApro)

So after taking the dogs off to day care, this turned into a busy day of running errands, cleaning and dealing with our excellent electricians. And the week as a whole has been exhausting enough my mind has fried. Normally that’s grounds for a linkpost or radio silence; this time, I think I’ll post a couple of examples of cool paperback covers.

forgotten-beastsGervasio Gallardo’s cover for one of Patricia McKillip’s first books is a good example of someone staring at me from a book cover. All those animals, the dark and shadowy background …

elricshipHere’s Michael Whelan’s cover for Sailor on the Seas of Fate, one of Michael Moorcock’s Elric novels. Which has Elric staring out at the reader, but damn, it’s way more interesting than most such covers. In fact, it may be, as a friend says, the definitive Elric—the slightly exotic looking lead, the exotic looking, nervous watchers in the background, the ornate decorations and Stormbringer, the soul-drinking rune sword.

Rights to both images with current holder.

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