Hating against Islam

deck bwUnrelated: a B&W photo of our deck, under the snow. I should really do black-and-white photography more often—I like the effect. Now, the links:

Muslims are walking the streets of America! Be afraid! The slacktivist post at the link rounds up several examples of anti-Muslim paranoia including a warning that “Islamic males are walking down the main streets of some American cities” which is supposed to be a Bad Thing. However the post missed this warning that a mosque in my hometown of FWB is undoubtedly a jihadi/ISIS center! The author, Dave Gaubatz believes it’s impossible to be a moderate Muslim so I’m a teensy bit dubious about his judgment. And I can find plenty of right-wingers who advocate treason against America, abuse of women, slavery and killing their opponents all of which he sees as red flags proving the eeevil of Islam Case in point, threats and violence against Muslims after San Bernadino.

•Marco Rubio’s ideas on dealing with Iran are consistently wrong. And many Republican ideas on dealing with ISIS take mass civilian casualties for granted. Of course, if Iran said anything like that, it would be proof they were monsters …

•Right-bloggers are horrified  that after seizing some sailors inside Iranian territorial waters, Iran fed them and then released them.

•One conservative pundit accuses liberals of pronouncing Islam and Muslim the way they’re properly pronounced—clearly this is the first step towards branding people who pronounce it differently as bigots! As pointed out in the comments, the author, M.G. Oprea, shows her distaste for Islam quite clearly in her published articles, so why worry?

•Plenty of other conservatives flaunt their anti-Islamic cred. So it’s good to be reminded, once again, that terrorist does not equal Muslim or vice versa.

•Now there’s irony for you: Rick Santorum, who has never denied that as president he would let his faith dictate his policies, says Islam is not a religion because it wants to run politics and government as well.

•As Digby notes, a lot of Trump voters seem to long for the days when America was WASP-dominated and everyone else knew their place. And that while the current economic plight is part of that, the racism against Muslim, blacks, etc. doesn’t disappear even in good times. Scott Lemieux adds more. On the plus side, hate may not be a winning strategy in the general election. David Brooks is so worried he’s fantasizing about a grass-roots movement to somehow steer the party away from Trump or Cruz.

•Slacktivist points out that hate, covered up under discussions of state’s rights and such, has been a Republican strategy for more than 30 years.

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