In sickness and … in sickness? (#SFWApro)

Not back to 100 percent yet,but I’m much better than I expected. Last night I tanked more than you might have thought from yesterday’s post. The coughing got worse as the evening wore on, and worse still when I tried to sleep. Even Benadryl couldn’t knock me out so deep that coughing couldn’t wake me a couple of times.

On the other hand, I did get sleep. And today I felt far better—less coughing, less weakness, though walking the pups still exhausted me. I had to settle for letting them squat in the yard for early-evening walkies, not even a trip up the culdesac. But I had enough energy left to cook dinner.

I eschewed work completely, though. I read, watched TV that had nothing to do with the time-travel book, browsed one of my old film reference books (the excellent Movies Made for Television—a lot of nostalgia for someone who watched TV in the 1970s), which in turn  led me to spend 90 minutes watching How I Spent My Summer Vacation (reviews Saturday). Tomorrow, depending on my energy level, I may catch another, How to Steal an Airplane (YouTube, where old TV movies go to live forever).

I had to skip the writer’s group—even if I were up for it, I’d be coughing all through people’s presentations, and that’s uncool. Too bad, I was going to kill them with charades critiques (“One word, one syllable, rhymes with ‘ducks’—hey!”).

I’m tentatively hopeful I’ll get a full night’s sleep tonight. Tune in tomorrow!

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