Sort of back to normal (#SFWApro)

But it took a while and I had Thursday off, so this week was still mostly watching stuff. And then Wednesday when I was working on a tricky bit of the rewrite for Backstage With the Dead (I Think), Plush Dog decided he just had to have some fussing over, which proved way too distracting to get anything done.

However I came back to the story again today and decided my friend/beta reader Cindy was partially right about the ending and how to tie it in with the beginning. So I tinkered with it and I think it’s ready to go. One read-through in hard copy next month and if I don’t find major problems, it’s on the way.

In other writing-related news, my article for Brass came out, and Eldritch Embraces, which took my short story Signs and Hortense, has an Indiegogo campaign for the anthology. A portion of the proceeds goes to a dog-fostering organization, so it’s a worthy cause—though I can hardly deny my self-interest. Fund it, people!

And of course, we did do Thanksgiving. As every year, we went to the massive vegetarian (technically vegan) dinner at Cafe Parizade, which is now supposed to be the largest vegeterian Thanksgiving in the Southeast. I stuffed myself to excess (surprise!) with particular emphasis to the garlic mashed potatoes and the maple sweet potatoes (for some reason I went heavy carbs). Despite warnings from one of our companions, I did leave much room for desert, but I managed to squeeze in a few choice items (apple crumble, black bean brownie …).

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving and that you got to spend it with someone (or alone if you prefer it that way). And I’ll leave you with Gervasio Gallardo’s beautiful cover for Ballantine Books’ edition of The Last Unicorn (all rights with current holder)


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