Escapism, working spaces and other writing-related links (#SFWApro)

•Cindy Brown on why people enjoy escapist fiction. It’s the same sentiment Preston Sturges once expressed in Sullivan’s Travels—sometimes a good laugh is all people have.

•Shannon Thompson and the Freelancer discuss what makes a good work space for a freelance writer. I definitely recommend keeping writing and down-time spaces separate if possible—as I’ve mentioned before, working in one spot and then not-working in the same spot doesn’t feel like I’ve stopped working.

•Newspaper buildings used to be landmarks in many communities. Columbia Journalism Review argues selling them off can be a net gain.

•How do colleges pick textbooks? Follow the money.

•With so many people having opinions online, is film criticism a viable career?

•Some new changes to the copyright rules (not primarily affecting writers though). And here’s an interesting thought: Netflix and other streaming services expressly forbid recording their stuff, but it’s often legal, Consumerist says.

•The Internet isn’t the perfect archive for saving everything. As someone who’s frequently tried to find some of my past Destin Log stories that were posted online, it’s startling how many of them are not, apparently, archived.

•The Wicked Cozy writing group on taking breaks in a busy day.

•A setting readers believe is (duuuh) an asset to a story. Here are some of the details you can include.

•This discussion of multi-tasking mostly focuses on students but I think it has useful points for writers.

•Just for fun, some old-school paperback covers. With classic catchphrases such as “She had a way with men—a way of leading them to their grave!” One sample below (all rights to image with current holder)

(I was originally going to post something deeper, but I think I’ve come down with something. On the plus side, I can do what I usually do when I’m sick—watch TV—and actually get work done!).


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