GOP candidates and other political links

After the recent shooting, Republican presidential wannabe Ben Carson said he’d have charged the gunman. But when he wound up in a fast-food place with a gunman, he told the man to point it at the cashier. Not the same.

•John Kasich was happy to have a group of young women in his townhall meeting, until they tried to ask questions (“I’m sorry, I don’t have any Taylor Swift concert tickets.” was his brush-off).

•Republican pundits are quite willing to toe the line and discover the awesome in candidates such as Carly Fiorina. If they look crazy to the public, it’s because Obama has cunningly tricked Republicans into acting crazy!

•Before the 20th century women worked as doctors, farmers, soldiers, pirates … but some people refuse to believe it.

•Turns out welfare recipients aren’t all on drugs. Aren’t you glad state governments have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars testing them to prove it?

•Echidne discusses fetal rights in Alabama, where hospitals drug-test expectant mothers without notifying them and share results with law enforcement. And law enforcement locks women away if it doesn’t like the results. I’m not surprised.

•For millions of people, retail sales is the best job they can hope for. Turns out it can be worse. Meanwhile, Whole Foods sheds employees and cuts wages to look better to Wall Street (I’m doubtful how much any savings will pass along to consumers). According to the article, the most experienced—and therefore best-paid—employees are the targeted, which I think is a bad idea (I shop there). And I’ve read that slashing staff doesn’t boost stock that much either. An extreme bad example was Circuit City, which cut most of its experienced staff a few years back, then discovered having staffers who can’t give good advice on purchasing expensive electronics was not a draw for customers. Which is one reason they’re gone from the retail landscape.

•A restaurant group allegedly withheld more than $40,000 in tips from employees.

•Don’t say Republicans are making it harder for blacks to vote! They’re just being efficient!

•The Second Amendment is not the obstacle to good gun control policy.

•How slight tinkering with drug formulas or dosages prevents rival companies marketing generics.

•This post about the inevitability of self-driving cars and how wonderful it’ll be to stop humans from driving reminds me of pretty much every criticism I’ve ever heard of technological utopianism. First, a lot of the issues the author thinks self-driving cars will fix (less congestion, less pollution, fewer accidents, less need to own cars) don’t need a tech solution—mass transit would do the trick. And while I give him points for acknowledging serious questions (hacking, privacy, relationship to non-automated cars, legal liability) need to be solved, it seems like “this is inevitable” invariably involves ducking the questions. Then we wind up stuck with the technology and the tech gurus and CEOs (particularly CEOs) tell us that we should just accept the loss of privacy (or whatever the issue is). Nicht gut.

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