Not much time travel this week (#SFWApro)

I settled for using online research to synopsize a couple of unavailable foreign films for the appendix, so I didn’t need to watch as many to keep up (I caught up on some time-travel TV instead)>

fmVJzHRgfaxXVHswTNUkZR0IcJCOFFICIAL DENIAL (1994) is a UFO film (one of several where the ETs are actually far-future humans) wherein military commander Chad Everett recruits abductee Parker Stevens to communicate with a captured Gray (whose nickname “DOS” will baffle anyone who wasn’t computerized back then). Not groundbreaking, but it is entertaining, the acting is decent and I like that Everett is almost as obsessed with learning the truth as Stevens. Erin Gray plays Steven’s baffled wife and Dirk Benedict is a suspicious security chief. All rights to image with current holder. “That’s what’s amazing—the ship healed itself.”

I watched DER TRIP (1996) on YouTube in the original German and with the help of some online synopses was able to follow it adequately: a wannabe singer makes out with an engaged young woman, which somehow transports them both back to 1972 (I don’t know if that magic would have made more sense if I could speak German) but landing separately so the singer has to find the lady (who I don’t think retained her memory as he did). One of those that’s very heavy on nostalgic seventies visuals (though it includes less glamorous elements, such as radical left-wing terrorism) and close to a musical, as the protagonist gets out of a couple of scrapes by apparently turning them into musical numbers.

FUTURE COPS (1993) is a forgettable Chinese comedy in which a team of super-villains from 2043 decide to travel back 50 years and turn the judge in their leader’s trial into a brainwashed sleeper. The good guys travel back after them and we get about 40 minutes of supposedly wacky clowning around before the fisticuffs start—all the more surprising as this was based on the Street Fighter vidoegame, so I’d expect more action.. “I think in the slang of 50 years ago he is going to say ‘Damn it.’”

HEAVEN’S SOLDIERS (2005) is a Korean film in which the two Koreas have built a nuclear super-missile (“This stealth missile is the only weapon capable of launching a pre-emptive strike on the United States.”) as part of reunification negotiations. When a biKorean task force tries hiding the nuke from a PO’d United States, they get magically transported back to the Joseon era, leaving them with the task of getting home before the bomb detonates. Unfortunately to preserve Korean history they also have to makeover the shiftless thief who has to become the great general who staves off a Japanese invasion. Not A-list as Korean time-travel goes, but I imagine the politics made it more interesting to the original audience.s “That is not ginseng burning, it is your rotten soul!”

DEXTER’S LABORATORY: Ego Trip (1999) only qualifies for the appendix as it’s under 50 minutes long, but it is fun as a robotic attack on Dexter for saving the future sets him traveling into the future to learn just what sort of cool hero he becomes, then discovers that humanity’s fate rides on his rivalry with evil genius Mandarrk. A bit creepier than they meant it at the end when Dexter sends a robot army to kill his sister, but thumbs up overall. “Now, Mandark, it’s down to you and me—and me and me and me!”


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