Definitely time travel, but definitely sub-par (#SFWApro)

MR. ROSSI LOOKS FOR HAPPINESS (1976) is an Italian animated comedy about a man whose fairy godmother lets him travel in time seeking the perfect era to live, only to keep encountering incarnations of his odious boss in every age. Forgettable.

LAST EXIT TO EARTH (1996) doesn’t rewatch well and it was pretty crappy the first time—its view of a future where Women Rule and men are safely reduced to passivity (and sterility) feels like a men’s rights fantasy about what feminists really want; it doesn’t help that the future women gush over reading de Sade and declare “aggression is essential for sex!” With Costas Mandylor and David Groh as Real Men (respectively Good and Evil) brought from the past as breeding stock and Kimberly Griest as a future woman who digs Real Men.“We’re not riding roughshod into an ancient culture where they ride in vehicles, blow each others’ heads off, break into dorms and rape women and children!”
By the miracle of YouTube I watched LA EDAD DE PIEDRA (1964) entirely in Spanish, which I wouldn’t normally bother with except that the online synopses of this title were so contradictory. Suffice to say, a scientist sends Mexican comic team Viruta and Capulina back to the Stone Age for the kind of slapstick adventures Abbott & Costello could just as easily have had (and a lot of which, such as a wrestling parody, are comprehensible across the language barrier).

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