Films That Don’t Involve Time Travel (#SFWApro)

LIMBO  (1997) starts off as one of John Sayles’ community-centric stories as an Alaskan salmon town copes with tourism, development and newbies, then focuses in on David Straitharn and Mary Ann Mastrontonio as new lovers who wind up stranded in the wilderness with the latter’s kid and targeted by drug dealers. Good, but apparently even Sayles couldn’t decide whether this should end Happy or Sad, so he leaves it ambiguous (the sour note for TYG, who was watching it with me and otherwise enjoyed it). “If your balls are getting squeezed it’s because you stuck them in a vise and then messed with the handle.” 

I couldn’t remember if the baseball players in FIELD OF DREAMS (1989) represented some sort of time travel or were ghosts and the answer is B, as they’re definitely dead. The story of Kevin Costner building a baseball diamond that miraculously draws the greatest players of the past to it (along with isolated writer James Earl Jones and aging former player Burt Lancaster) didn’t rewatch as well as I thought, but that may be because I was in work mode and couldn’t really enjoy it. Or maybe not—I’ll give it another try some time and find out. Would double-bill well with James Stewart’s Harvey, which it acknowledges as a precursor about a man who sees the impossible-but-true. “As a small boy he had a bat named Rosebud.”

BLACK COFFEE (2011) is an African-American romance film in which a hunky painter falls madly for a sexy lawyer and they spend a lot of time chatting pleasantly before I finally gave up on the film.Just a bit too low-key for me, though I give them credit for avoiding a lot of standard tropes (pointlessly hiding secrets, or presenting obsessive stalkeriness as romantic). “Are you saying this isn’t a manly conversation?”

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