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The column is on the Cosby rape apologists who insist that all those accusers are lying or just plain wrong because they’re ugly, or feminists are fudging the facts or Americans are Puritans, etc.

•Wow. Twenty-year-old Joshua Goldberg was an online whackjob who did everything from post genocidal articles supposedly from a (real) Jewish lawyer to adopting an ISIS-supporting jihadi persona. The latter got so involved in promoting terrorism he’s now been arrested. Amanda Marcotte has more.

•Operation Jade Helm, a military exercise in Texas ended without taking over the state as some right-wingers have predicted (and tried to stop by terrorism). Here are more predictions of apocalypse and the end of America under Barack Obama. Remember when the paranoia machine starts ranting about Clinton.

•Slacktivist once devoted a post to various pundits who argued that as they feel scared at seeing a black man on the street, that’s proof black men need to be targeted by cops. No, it’s proof the pundit has a problem. Likewise if someone feels like raping women who don’t dress “modestly,” the problem is with the man, not the women.

•Similarly just because a conservative feels uncomfortable airing their opinions to friends it doesn’t follow that this is the fault of liberal thought policing rather than say, having shitty, bigoted opinions.

Things to remember on 9/11. Right-wingers would rather you remember Muslims R Evil than that our response to an attack involving no Iraqis, Iranians or Afghanis was to attack Iraq and Afghanistan and threaten to attack Iran.

•Donald Trump continues freaking out Republican old-timers. The media menawhile are much more interested in Clinton’s allegedly improper email than Jeb Bush lying about his tax plan.

•Vox points out that the current slate of would-be candidates shows why political parties are useful—they can vet and groom candidates so we have a good selection (though I’m not sure the current Republican Party would ever produce a candidate I could live with). Speaking of which, here’s a look at why Bernie Sanders is not the Democrats’ Donald Trump. And Roy Edroso weighs in on the roots of Trump’s support (“If you want your shitty beliefs passed into law, you can get that from any Republican; but if you want your shitty attitude flattered, there’s nothing like Trump.”)

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