It’s Thursday, so politics!

One of the running right-wing themes in the Obama years is that if Obama does something without Republican support, it’s tyranny! Case in point.

•Donald Trump’s campaign continues drawing the extremists.

•Costco and similar stores may have changed our shopping more than e-commerce.

•Republicans continue trying to block voters—well voters who aren’t Republican—exercising their rights.

•Due to the algorithms Princeton Review uses to set test-prep fees, Consumerist says, Asians pay more.

•The U.S. Chamber of Commerce fights for businesses’ right to robocall us. And the ad industry is contemplating legal action to prevent ad blockers on iPhones.

•I used to think I was completely cynical about human stupidity. But claiming a mother who’s not a virgin can transfer DNA from past lovers into her husband’s children? That’s a new high point.

•Do settlements for police wrongdoing lead to police reform? Of course, when cops assume the real issue is people criticizing them

•Of course, when it comes to accepting criticism of the justice system, torture and exploitation in the US, our government doesn’t like criticism either.

•Slacktivist asks, if the Kim Davis case is a sign all true Christians are persecuted, why is Mike Huckabee able to walk around free?

•An Uber driver filed for unemployment benefits. Uber objected he was never an employee, only a freelancer. A court disagrees with the company.

•So amidst a corruption investigation—did United Airlines add a largely empty flight to Newark Airport to win over a New Jersey government official?—the airline’s CEO stepped down. But as usual, stepping down during an investigation doesn’t hurt his retirement package.

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