Political links for early in the morning (#SFWApro)

A lengthy but thoughtful article on the merits of a 35-hour work week.

•Digby looks at press bias against Hilary Clinton.

•A group called the New Black Panthers is ardent about its gun rights. Some conservatives are upset.

•It’s not easy to get clothes made without labor exploitation along the chain somewhere. This reminds me of Erik Loomis’ frequent observation in various LGM posts that imposing labor standards worldwide is ultimately essential if we want to stop labor abuses.

•A columnist argues that complaining about rape is just unreasonable as American women have it better than women under ISIS or Boko Haram. A thorough crushing of her argument at the link.

•Businesses can walk away from mortgages and other debts in bankruptcy, but not homeowners.

•Pro-choicers need to speak up and say abortion is often a good thing. Meanwhile, we have a self-proclaimed former Satanist who says abortion clinics are literally Satanic: They sacrifice fetuses to Hell or eat them (while chanting “Our bodies! Ourselves!”) because they don’t think they’re real babies. Fred Clark ponders what this says about people who believe this crap.

•I find it breathtakingly clueless or disingenuous that Reason worries Donald Trump will turn Republicans into a party devoted to white identity politics. As opposed to, I don’t know, Rep. Peter King insisting white terrorists aren’t important compared to those evil Islamic ones, or the push against Latino immigration which goes well back before Trump. Or the new push against birthright citizenship, even among candidates who benefited from it. (Here’s an article that explains no, birthright citizenship was intended to apply to immigrants too). Or a woman who discusses how “helpless” she felt watching Barack Obama become president. Or a writer complaining about how cities are bad because white populations are getting squeezed out and conservatives need to start getting tough on crime before the black riots start.

•The candidates are no picnic on how Americans can afford health care either.

•A misogynist condemns women for Valentine’s Day. It’s not a direct link, but the text at the link shows how little substance there is to a supposed study that proves women dump men who don’t give them expensive gifts. It’s a useful reminder about getting the facts right that even the sane people among us should head.

•Speaking of flawed science, here’s a horrifying example: dental experts in forensic bite-mark analysis say they completely screwed up and put an innocent man in jail. The article questions whether bite-mark analysis is even viable.

•New York police are actively monitoring peaceful black protests, possibly treating it as a counter-terrorism operation.

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