Some extra TV time travel (#SFWApro)

I finished watching the Lost Years DVD set of DOCTOR WHO which is obviously an older one, as it still refers to The Web of Fear and Enemy of the World as lost serials. This includes the one surviving episode of the unimpressive Underwater Menace, a couple of episodes of The Faceless Ones (decent—the once-contemporary English setting adds to my interest, as it did for The War Machines), the one surviving episode of The Evil of the Daleks (oh, how I’d love to see that again), one chapter of The Abominable Snowmen (promising) and one of The Space Pirates (not promising), plus two episodes of The Wheel in Space, a good Cybermen story (from what we see of it) that introduced pint-size brainiac Zoe (one of my favorite companions. Looking at my wife, I think dark-haired and uber-smart is definitely my type).

The final season-and-a-half of The Sarah Jane Adventures—the half due to Elisabeth Sladen passing—was entertaining to watch, as Sarah Jane’s son Luke heads off to college (a new alien child is introduced in the last season), a new mysterious good guy named The Captain shows up and Sarah Jane meets her predecessor as companion, Jo Grant, when they’re both invited to attend the Doctor’s funeral. A fun show, and the return of Jo alone would have made that season worth watching.

The first BBC season of Life on Mars completely outshines the American version—among other things, Philip Glenister as bludgeoning DI Gene Hunt is way superior to Harvey Keitel’s turn in the role, and John Simm is a superior Sam Tyler. That the season is only eight episodes long probably helped, as it avoids becoming a straight cop show as the US version often did (John Simm also does a bett. That said, it does suffer similar problems, such as the assumption framing a suspect is something no 21st century cop would accept. Overall though, excellent.

Sarah Jane


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