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What to do when a client’s payment is overdue. I’ve used some of these methods without much success, but that reflects the clients having no money or professionalism (so the moral is, pick better clients!).

•Happy Birthday—is it possible the song is actually out of copyright?

•It’s not unknown for movie companies to cherry-pick lines from critics to bolster their ticket sales. One critic saw it happen to him and he’s not pleased.

•Foz Meadows discusses anime fan service and the different standards for male and female centric shows.

•A small Christian bookstore chain has filed for a Chapter 11 reorganization bankruptcy (the kind where you stay in business but still pay creditors as little as possible). This article looks at the possible effects on publishing (nothing good).

•You often don’t have to explain the reason for the character’s actions.

•Good advice for writers: if your piece goes online, archive it.

•Beginner’s luck: Kristine Kathryn Rusch says it exists, but don’t assume it guarantees perpetual success. (Hat tip to Walk of Words)

•I don’t feel any of these productivity tools are anything I need but you might.

•Rusch again, on planning for an unpredictable freelance income.

•This piece on not psyching yourself out focuses on non-fiction but it’s definitely applicable to fiction too. The message is that you shouldn’t just cross a market off your list because they couldn’t possibly be interested in you.

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