Time travel, live on TV (#SFWApro)

I finished the first season of SAMURAI JACK, in which a samurai attempting to slay the demonic Aku (voiced by the veteran actor Mako) almost succeeds, until Aku hurls him into the distant future where Aku rules the world. Now, amidst cyborg bounty hunters, lost civilizations, robots and ETs, “Jack” must search for a way back to the past, while righting wrongs along the way. A good series, though the greatest strength is the funky visual style.

As part of a Lost Years Doctor Who DVD, I got to watch The Moonbase, in which the Doctor and the current companions (Ben, Polly, Jamie) arrive on the moon (it was supposed to be Mars) and discover the Cybermen taking over the base for their own sinister agendas. This is Lost because two episodes are audio only (I imagine it’ll be animated a la Reign of Terror eventually). Like The Invasion this gets that what makes the Cybermen scary is less raw power than their determination to turn humans into One of Them. This makes it superior to Seeds of Doom, which has a lot of plot overlap (seize a lunar base as the fulcrum for crushing Earth). “Just as well, we have enough madmen already around here.”

Two series I haven’t and won’t be finishing—I got just enough to get a feel for them: FLINT, THE TIME DETECTIVE is a very Pokemonish anime as it revolves around control of time creatures who are normally friendly (and hang out with Rodin, Babe Ruth, Dracula and other famous people) but can convert into vastly more powerful, belligerent beings. Didn’t grab me at all.

Neither did DNA2, in which a time-traveling scientist attempts to prevent a young man from turning into the “mega playboy” whose womanizing, impregnating ways will leave Earth massively overpopulated. Unfortunately instead of stopping him, the scientist has him turning into the “mega playboy” when women start hitting on him — can she put things right?

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