I didn’t expect I’d get to this tonight (#SFWApro)

Nothing terribly demanding delayed me. But TYG got off work early, so we went food shopping right after I finished work, and when I got home I needed to be frivolous for a while (crossword, then reading).

I didn’t make 40 hours this week, but I knew that going in. I wanted to spend Monday morning running errands—a trip to the post office (packages to mail and a photo for renewing my passport) and then giving blood. Only the blood bank isn’t open that early, so that was out. Still the mail got sent, I picked up new stamps for TYG and I have a photo that doesn’t look like I’m hoping to travel somewhere they can’t extradite me. We don’t have any foreign travel planned at the moment, but renewing before my passport expires is much simpler.

Other than that?

•I made the Demand Media quota.

•Put in five hours of fiction—one short story rewrite, some work on Southern Discomfort. I’d decided to try doing a couple of pages a night on top of my day’s work, but I was more off than on (I know I won’t get to it tonight).

•Reworked a couple of chapters of Time Travel on Screen, plus getting the usual amount of movies watched.

I did not get an queries off. As usual, the marketing is the first thing to die when time is tight.

I have noticed that doing work on Sunday is starting to turn into mission creep. It’s only supposed to be a couple of hours, to bring me up to 40 for the week, but I’m starting to add more time, compulsively. Possibly I should shift the couple of hours to an evening, but I know from experience it’s too tempting to slack off after a long day’s work.

Thursday evening is also becoming a no-work time. Because of the dogs being in day care all day (we took them again this week, now that they’ve had their shots) I like being available to fuss over them, no distractions, when I finally get them home.

Minor tweaking needed, but I don’t think it’ll take more than that.

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