Two that didn’t make the cut (#SFWApro)

DON’T LOOK BACK (2009) has Sophie Marceau and Monica Belluci as two faces of a woman who finds her past and present, not to mention her body, constantly shifting around her. As I largely suspected, this turns out to be her entering her flashback booth to overcome the Childhood Secret hidden behind her amnesia. Competent, but nothing I haven’t seen before.

Terry Gilliam’s THE ZERO THEOREM (2014) is easily the weirdest movie of the week, as mentally disturbed Christopher Waltz works on a mysterious research project dealing with the ultimate fate of the universe while waiting desperately for a phone call that will explain his entire existence. Although the opening hooked me, the movie lost me: like 12 Monkeys, the protagonist is so off-putting it’s hard to see why everyone is drawn into his orbit. With Matt Damon as a CEO and David Thewliss as a greasy supervisor. “We never thought of our project as having any purpose.”

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