Fiction writing again, whee! (#SFWApro)

Yep, I finally plunged in and resumed work on fiction. Only four hours but that’s better than I’ve managed in months.
I spent two hours working on replotting Let No Man Put Asunder, one of my older novels (as I’ve mentioned before, I lost most of the previous draft during one of my moves, which makes it much tougher). I think my outline looks much better than the last time I tried. The big problems are setting up the ending apocalypse (I have no idea how I originally had the bad guys take everyone out) and that my alternating first-person narrators are reasonably balanced, rather than one of them getting most of the POV (which is the case at the moment).

Then I put in a couple of hours on the short story The Stage is a World. Again, the break seemed to help: I’m much closer to figuring out what the ending needs to be, and once I know that for sure, I can go back and hammer the story arc into shape. Right now it’s kind of aimless. I felt close to finishing the draft just an hour ago, but decided my mind was getting too exhausted.

It feels really good doing some fiction-writing again. Besides that, I also did my usual Demand Media stuff, plus a caboodle of movies and TV for the time-travel book (reviews tomorrow, as usual).

And I had my latest And column out.

Oh, and very cool, I got a great review of Leave the World to Darkness from Love, Time, Space, Magic (the review covers the whole anthology, but they spoke very nicely about my story).

And once again, I hit slightly more than 40 hours of work.

And on that note, I’m stopping working. For now.

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