The Power of the Pen: Writing Links (#SFWApro)

detective398(Cover by Neal Adams, rights with current holder).

Some news stories are already written by robots. As someone who’s written a lot of dull fact-regurgitating stories (So how is the real estate market in Destin this month?) this doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Though I could also see it being overused—it might seem like a logical way to cover city budgets, but those really need in-depth analysis (I’m unconvinced by the company that claims its robots can do that too—though of course I might be wrong).

•The current Hugo games have led to a heavy imbalance in men’s favor.

•How long should a pitch for a nonfiction story be?

•A look back at a writing scam from the past.

•How to write a brief synopsis (hat tip to Walk of Words)

•You can get away, maybe, with having a douchebag protagonist, but acknowledge he’s a douchebag.

•Studios suddenly realize women buy a lot of movie tickets.

•A musician says a copyright claim from Universal (which apparently licensed his music for something) kept him from playing his own songs on YouTube.

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