Police brutality and other links

If you’re a black and ride a bicycle in Tampa, you may get ticketed for things white cyclists don’t. As usual, police claim these stops are a good way to catch criminals wanted for worse crimes … but 80 percent of the stops result in arrest.

•Down in Miami, police have arrested employees at one small store just because they were in the store and working. Hmm, could race be a factor?

•Baltimore: Ta-Nehisi Coates points out that while police are calling for nonviolence after the death of Freddie Gray, nobody told the cops to be nonviolent toward the now-dead prisoner. Oh, and Baltimore has shelled out more than $5.7 million in recent years to settle brutality charges. Fortunately state law protects the rights of police accused of brutality.

•The Supreme Court recently set limits on how long police can keep a pulled-over driver waiting in order to bring up drug-sniffing dogs. At the link, LGM wonders how much of a restriction it really is.

•Why did our government need to take out a 68-year-old woman with a drone strike?

•You may have heard Radio Shack is in bankruptcy proceedings. That means some of its customer information may go up for sale to interested buyers or creditors.

•Conservatives predicted the Affordable Care Act wouldn’t help the uninsured. Now that it’s lowered the number of uninsured Americans, some right-wingers have a new meme: Everybody predicted that, so what difference does it make?

•That previous bullet point is actually better logic than anti-gay marriage arguments at the Supreme Court offer. Speaking of which, if you want to listen to kinky gay porn, Northier Than Thou suggests catching some anti-gay preachers. Here’s one extreme case.

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