And the other movies (#SFWApro)

NEXT AVENGERS: Heroes of Tomorrow (2008) is an animated film set in a future where Ultron has wiped out the Avengers and begun the conquest of the world, leaving the heroes’ tween kids (I’m surprised that only one of them is a girl rather than a more even gender mix) as Earth’s last hopes. Enjoyable, though not for the book (I’d thought it would end with the kids averting their parents’ deaths, but no). “Hawkeye’s name is—Francis?”

I’d thought the Asylum’s SHERLOCK HOLMES (2009) mockbuster might qualify for the book as it includes dinosaurs, but no, they’re artificial monsters created by The Cyborg Other Brother We Never Knew Holmes Had in revenge for Lestrade supposedly crippling him. All the thought and sophistication I’ve come to expect from Asylum. “My real name is—Robert Sherlock Holmes.”

12:01 (1990) is the original time loop film, a short in which Kurtwood Smith (probably the only time I’ve seen him playing a sympathetic character) lives the same hour over and over, able to change events but unable to stop the “time bounce” By making this situation irrevocable, easily the grimmest of time loop films; one of the few that’s SF-based rather than fantasy. “Consciousness is an independent variable!”

The full-length remake, 12:01 (1993) doesn’t work quite as well for me as it did originally as even without my research I’ve seen more time-loop films and spot the cliches. Still fun, though, as Jonathan Silverman discovers mad scientist Martin Landau is activating the Accelerator of Doom, wins Sane Scientist Helen Slater (regrettably not strong enough to pull off her role as a scientific genius) and outwits practical jokester Jeremy Piven. This has much fewer loops than most of these films and a nice touch that when Silverman tries to convince Slater by predicting events, he realizes he’s not observant enough to know what comes next. “37.1. Oysters. Brie. The Carpenters.”

OBLIVION ISLAND: Haruka and the Magic Mirror (2009) is the story of a girl visiting the Junkion-like realm where all lost things wind up in the hopes of recovering a mirror given her by her dead mom. Unfortunately, the mirror for some reason is magical enough to be the McGuffin for everyone from fortune-hunters to Oblivion Island’s evil Baron. This has enough imagination to be a near miss in the Miyazaki vein, but not quite enough to put it over. “So the engine is a rubber band!”

MV5BMjI2MDMxMjI5M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNzc4ODg4OA@@._V1_SY317_CR7,0,214,317_AL_ENTER NOWHERE (2011) was a surprisingly good time-travel film (all rights to image remain with current holder): three strangers already wary about having been stranded at the same isolated cabin discover they not only disagree about the geography (“If I’m driving west from Detroit, I can’t end up in New Hampshire!”), but what year it is (“Oh my god, JFK gets shot?”). For various reasons, I suspected this would turn be an afterlife fantasy but instead it’s a time-travel fantasy—I’d say more but there are twists I’d rather not spoil. “I’ll open it—but I don’t think you have the stomach for what’s inside.”

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