So the reason for my recent social whirl— (#SFWApro)

—is that I headed back to where I used to live for the first time in three years.

Excepting visits to family, it’s the first time I’ve ever traveled purely for the sake of hanging out with people, without being tied to an event (Mensa gatherings, for instance). I got in Sunday Feb. 22, unfortunately way later than I’d planned: there was dense fog at the airport so after a couple of passes the airplane headed over to Tallahassee. After an hour’s waiting, they carried us back and successfully landed, about 11:30 (it could have been worse, if they’d bused us back, it’d have been around 2:30 a.m.)

I crashed the first couple of nights with a friend of mine, then a hotel for three nights. TYG was supposed to join me on the third night, but we got another six inches of snow in Durham Wednesday, so no go (even if the airport was open, it would be too risky to drive there, to say nothing of getting the dogs to the boarding place). Then I spent a night over at my Dad’s in Pensacola, and crashed with a friend on Saturday. I’ll try to arrange things next time so I’m not quite so peripatetic.

I had lunch or dinner with multiple different friends, plus dropping in on a couple more. Then a friend I didn’t know was back in the area (she’d moved out of state) found out I was back and asked me out for coffee.

I’m not sure there was really a single high point but I was really happy to catch up with my old high school drama teacher Jo Yeager. So much of who I am was shaped in her classes, thanks to her and to my classmates. It was a wonderful group, and I would be a much less open, happy person without them.

Unfortunately the weather was miserable—chilly, overcast, often rainy. So I didn’t hit the beach as I’d planned. And I never made it out to Destin. I did amuse myself visiting Ft. Walton Beach’s old mall; while it’s no longer the town’s shopping center, it is surviving, apparently relying heavily on teen fashion stores I’ve never heard of.

I drank a lot of tea at Starbucks. Speaking of which, I wound up visiting Seattle’s Best Coffee at the Atlanta Airport, both coming and going. I’d remembered the chain as having good tea but they’ve apparently lost the touch: twice Starbucks’ airport price and no improvement in quality.

I became very grateful for the talking GPS on my iPhones when I visited my Dad. It’s been well over a decade since I drove to his house, the streets were traffic-clogged and getting directions made it much easier (I couldn’t possibly have kept checking a map, though I could have memorized the directions before going out). Though it felt weird as I had no idea of the big picture or how the route fit together, just “turn here” or “take this intersection in half a mile.” Like Jack Bauer taking direction from Chloe in 24, or Edison Carter with Theora in Max Headroom.

As Mum is moving back to the area I also did a few odds and ends to help set up her new room. She’ll be arriving Tuesday.

I felt almost over-socialized by the time I left, so I think that’s a sign it was a good trip. And I think it was a good thing TYG and I weren’t snowed in together for a second week. But I’m glad to be back with her and the pups.


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