Because they’re Republicans, that’s why (and other links)

•An outraged blogger insists President Obama threatening to veto legislation is proof he’s a tyrant!

•Rand Paul is against net neutrality, and is convinced he’s seen vaccines turn kids autistic. I can understand why Repubs would oppose the HPV vaccine as it relates to S-E-X, but other vaccines?

•Lindsey Graham worries that Congressional efforts to ban abortion will once again bring up issues of legitimate rape. I’m sure given the current crop of Republicans, he’s right. Meanwhile, we have a Montana lawmaker who’d like to ban yoga pants. And Florida lawmakers who want to mandate high-schoolers and middle-schoolers watch D’Nesh D’Souza’s film about America because it’s so gosh-darn patriotic. Meanwhile, in Colorado, two state pols think kids shouldn’t be able to seek counseling or get health-care without parental approval.

•Rick Perry wants you to know that Abraham Lincoln was a small-government, states-rights guy, just like Perry. Perry, of course, was wrong. Meanwhile Kansas Repub governor Sam Brownback’s tax-slashing measures have killed the state’s economy, so what else can he do but allow the state government to discriminate against gays. Other governors are pushing for tax increases—on the poor (LGM wonders if this will enable them to pretend they’re fighting economic injustice).

•Wisconsin governor Scott Walker tries to make it official that the purpose of education is to create workers, not to expand knowledge or understanding. More here. Oh, and he also lied and claimed the state’s teacher of year was fired because of union rules (it wasn’t the teacher of the year, and the real teacher of the year says it had more to do with budget cutbacks).

•The EEOC has charged Sara Lee with discriminating against black workers and giving them the most hazardous jobs (working where they’re exposed to asbestos, for instance)

•Conservatives fight back against the environment!

•A preacher compares his refusal to accept gays to the struggle of the Israelites against the Philistine armies. He will not bend the knee to Goliath! At the link, slacktivist suggests even homophobes deserve a better fantasy.

•The American Family Association assures everyone that it doesn’t agree with the views of Bryan Fischer, its long-time spokesman … although he’s still writing for the AFA blog, talking on AFA talk radio …

•Conservatives, as you’re probably aware, are horrified by the brutality of the ISIS Islamic extremists … except when the victim is a Palestinian rights activist. Then she deserved it (related column here).

•Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg informs us that stop-and-frisk was a great, life-saving policy, pot will rot your brain (it’s much, much worse than when he smoked it years ago!), and waiters in New York can make $100,000 a year easy.

•Consumerist prints a couple of good articles on the drawbacks to the proposed Comcast/Time-Warner merger. Here’s a great example of Comcast service: A customer sent them her rent check by mistake, made out to someone else and for more than the cost of the bill. The company cashed it and refused to refund the money until the media got in.

•Dessert is really a money-loser for most restaurants.

•Despite filing bankruptcy and closing half its store (with the resultant loss of jobs), Radio Shack can still find $3 million for extra executive bonuses. My old chain, Freedom did the same thing (but with even more bonuses) when it filed Chapter 11. Because they had to retain valued employees (which says a lot about what they thought of the rest of us, who got the 5 percent pay cut).

•The DOJ has a way to mimic cell towers to scoop up cell-phone data. Privacy advocates would like some details on the program, but DOJ is stalling.

•The people who insisted winning the Vietnam War was a vital US interest were wrong. Let’s not forget that.

•Geico is accused of discriminating against California customers based on marital status, level of education and other factors not allowed under California law.

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