The Dogs Said Ha! (#SFWApro)

So as I mentioned yesterday, this was another non-productive week.

Finally, middle of the week, I just accepted I was setting too high a standard and decided to reduce the amount I expected to get done. Only Thursday, I fell short of that too.

The thing is, with Plushie on crate rest, doing anything with him is an undertaking. TYG can carry him outside, but she usually needs my help to hold Trixie, open doors or coax Plushie back into the crate (due to the neck injury, we do not want to push or pull him). Plus I have to go into the pen around his crate (to stop Trixie trying to play with him) to pet him, so I can’t play with both dogs at once.

On top of that, I do try to spend time with Trixie. While sometimes she’s happy just to lie next to me, she also goes through her Play, Play, Play spurts (one dog article I read says I should never, ever, ever play when she asks, it should always be on my schedule. I’m never going to pull that one off). And as I spend more time working, or trying to, she seems to get more demanding.

Plus Trixie took a giant dump indoors Wednesday and a piss Thursday. I stepped on both (the dump was sticky …) It’s partly excitement (she does get very, very excited) and partly I think stress when nobody plays with her for too long (I try to avoid that, but it happens). That took time.

So not much beyond Demand Media articles and movies for the book, again. I did submit Fiddler’s Black to one magazine (came back the next day with encouragement to submit again) and my new And column (on theocracy and small government) is out.

I did have a very productive morning today, as TYG was home longer than usual and I was free to go to another room. It was wonderful. Much less productive after she left.

Amazingly I don’t regret at all picking the dogs, but they do make working at home darn frustrating.

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