Deep advice for Democrats

So the ever-vapid Megan McArdle has advice for Dems post-election: Republican extremism is your fault! “The Tea Party Republicans who unnecessarily brought the government to a halt, and double-unnecessarily cost their own party many key elections, have much to answer for. But the Democrats who helped create them have some accountability, too.”
Because, you see, Obama wasn’t bipartisan enough. Didn’t compromise enough. He thought that winning the election entitled him to set policy. And the outraged Republicans rose up in well, outrage! So if the Tea Party wants to shut down the government rather than raise the debt ceiling, or declare that rapists can’t get girls pregnant, or call for bans on birth control, hey, it’s the Democrats’ fault.
This is a version of multiple cliches, for example that the big problem in Washington is that both parties are too extreme … which invariably translates into the importance of Dems moving to the right. Or that both parties have to be wrong so the truth which the wise and undogmatic pundit sees clearly lies in the center.
The reality? The top priority of the Republican Party, according to Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, was to make Obama a “one term president.” The top priority, over everything else. Rush Limbaugh openly declared that he hoped Obama failed everything he tried. I don’t know anyone of similar high-profile on the left who wanted Pres. Bush II to fail—expected it, but not actively called for it. Being bipartisan wouldn’t have helped (some more discussion here).
Then we have McArdle’s “The country faces deep problems: stagnant wage growth at the bottom, lackluster mobility between economic classes, a budget that will soon groan under the accumulating weight of entitlements, a stark partisan divide that makes everything else harder to fix.” As far as Social Security goes, it’s not going to produce groans until around 2038, when revenue may exceed shortfalls (I’ve heard different estimates); Medicare is tougher, but it’s not like all entitlements have to be lumped together. And, of course, there’s the trillions of dollars we’ve spent on the 21st century’s wars, but apparently in McArdle’s eyes those aren’t producing groans (for Sensible Pundits with good bank accounts and retirement plans, the problem is always entitlements)
And remember, this is McArdle. Despite her pretense of concern for low-wage earners and economic immobility, she believes all poverty is caused by bad life choices and economic mobility is a bad thing (because a talented poor person could take a rich person’s job!). And thinking about income inequality in terms of something so trivial as money is just absurd.
So is she lying? Just babbling whatever thoughts will fill out her column and keep the paychecks coming? Who knows? She’s full of it either way.


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2 responses to “Deep advice for Democrats

  1. which invariably translates into the importance of Dems moving to the right.

    I thought the democrats were already on the right–at least on the Canadian political scale.

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