A couple more time-travel movies (#SFWApro)

Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead II, ended with Ash (Bruce Campbell) hurled back through time after surviving two movies’ worth of Necronomicon-unleashed monsters. ARMY OF DARKNESS (1993) has Ash struggling to get back to the present, battling the usual demonic terrors and throwing in lots of humor, giving this a very different feel from the next two films. Very Connecticut Yankee-influenced: Ash builds a lot of modern tech to fight the “Deadites” and a “Lord Arthur” wandering around, plus the ending involves Ash magically sleeping until the present a la Sir Boss (the DVD includes Raimi’s original finish, in which he sleep past Now and wakes up in a devastated future). Great loopy fun, in any case; with Ted Raimi as a co-worker and Bridget Fonda as a pretty young woman. “Klaatu—barada—necktie!”

HAPPY ACCIDENTS (2000) has perpetually unlucky-in-love Marisa Tomei delighted to stumble across Vincent D’Onofrio until he starts in with this crazy talk about being a refugee from a dystopian future who fled back in time after falling in love with her photo (which would make Somewhere in Time a logical double-bill). This actually seemed so much a Lifetime TV movie at the start (lots of talk about Tomei’s relationship issues) I went online to find out if D’Onofrio wasn’t just crazy (no). As it turns out, the movie’s surprisingly good, with a nice handling of the usual anachronisms, a good turn by D’Onofrio seeming just alien enough and a Doctor Who in-joke (“Blinovich’s Law of Temporal Inertia says history can’t be changed.”). “I’m not from Dubuque in the way you think I’m from Dubuque.”

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