Frustration again (#SFWApro)

Three hours of fiction completed this week. It’s tempting to just accept that I don’t have time and focus on the time-travel book … but that would mean not writing anything fictional until 2016. Not acceptable.
I did schedule some work time in the evenings, but it was not productive (Monday I just blanked). As I mentioned last week, it’s not my peak time. However my time during the day is all used up so there’s not much left. Weekends I don’t do anything writing related except currently watch movies. I work better with the break.
So, I’ll keep trying to magically fix the schedule and see what happens.
That aside, I put in a good week of Demand Media articles and lots of time-travel stuff watched. So I put in the hours, even if they weren’t spent quite the way I’d prefer.
Next Monday will be a special day, as I’m taking it off to clean, whoo-hoo! My housekeeping has gone way downhill (not even cursory efforts lately), so I figure if I take one day and do a really thorough job, I won’t be bothered by that again until next month. I’m absurdly cheered up at the thought.

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