101 in 1001: conclusion (#SFWApro)

I’ve written before about the 101 in 1,0001 approach to New Year’s resolutions. Rather than pick a single resolution for a single year, come up with 101 things to do in the next 1,001 days.
My list from 2011 just came due yesterday. I made it through about 50 percent. Not as good as my first list, where I finished over two-thirds. Of course that included moving to Durham and marrying TYG (and various subsidiary goals) so those were Must Do goals in a way few things ever are.
The second list I made maybe 40 percent so this is an improvement. And a lot of them were very close to completion. There were various reading and movie-watching lists I almost finished, for instance.
A lot of the undone goals were writing-related, but that doesn’t surprise me. I tend to scatter a lot of competing goals (I might list three novels I want to complete, for instance) because I’m not sure which one will really click. That said, my performance was still well below where I wanted it to be. However I am still a full-time freelancer (that was on the list) so I’m pleased with that, if nothing else. Plus I got my new contract from McFarland for the time travel book.
Travel goals were disappointing. I wanted to get back to my old home in Florida more often but we haven’t been since the wedding. I would have liked to squeeze out a couple more visits to Mum (and I suppose if I’d pushed myself I could have), though I’ve done better this year.
Anything which involves cleaning, nowhere near done. I was doing pretty well on cleaning regularly until a couple of years back when I had to make multiple visits to Mum while she was sick. Somehow my schedule for that (and a bunch of other stuff) never really got back into the swing. And of course now that I’m working on the time-travel in film book, I really strain. I manage to keep the kitchen sanitary, that’s about it.
On the current 101 list (in hindsight having two lists running at once wasn’t a good call) I have maybe 16 items done with a year to go. But that’s because a lot of them are Do X Every Month goals, so there’s no way to say if I make it until this time next year. So we’ll see.

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