Not as much time as expected (#SFWApro)

Tuesday, you see, I had my semi-annual checkup, which took up a lot of the morning (everything fine, I’m happy to report). I’d planned for it, but it’s still a chunk of time and I have a lot to do.
Then Wednesday night I discovered the insulation on my laptop power cord had broken in one spot—probably nothing dangerous, but that sort of thing bugs me enough that I went and got a new cord at the Apple store Thursday morning. And as my computer had too little left on the battery, that ate up most of the morning (I used the time to finish Twain’s Connecticut Yankee novel).
And as I’ve mentioned before, I’m very easily thrown off my game when I have appointments. It seems like it takes a couple of hours to refocus after I get home, and so it was the case.
As usual of late, it’s the fiction that took a hit. Much less done on Southern Discomforts than I’d planned. On the plus side, I read a revised story my writers’ group had critiqued to another group of beta readers and I think I fixed all the complaints my group made.
Other than that, I did well on my Demand articles, got an idea for a couple of nonfiction queries and did the usual ton of movie viewing for the time-travel book. Which, of course, we’ll get to tomorrow …

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