Another libertarian myth

A perpetual argument for the glories of the unregulated free market is that while some companies may profit from bad behavior in the short term, in the long run the invisible hand guarantees the best product or service wins.
If that were true, hotels wouldn’t be following airlines in tacking on extra fees for what used to be standard stuff (like having a safe in the room—even if you don’t use it—or putting your own stuff in the mini-fridge). And Comcast wouldn’t have such infamously bad customer service.
•Echidne reminds us that statistically, having a lot of angry sexist/racist/whatever comments on a post doesn’t prove anything about how common these views are in the general public. I agree it’s easy to inflate them and to think the comments prove what They (whichever They is involved) Are Like. Even the worst comments only prove there are horrible people out there, and we already knew that.
•I don’t believe ISIS is an existential threat to the US but they are hideously horrible. Unfortunately the people who screwed up the Iraq war are still treated as if they know how to fix this (How? Kill people of course!).
•And then we have right-winger Erick Erickson’s explanation for why we shouldn’t worry about global warming: We’re all going to die someday, so what’s the diff? Which reminds me of some right-wingers during the Iraq war who’d brush off troop deaths as “less than the annual deaths in car accidents” (unsurprisingly they never applied the same standard to the deaths of 9/11). And contrary to Erickson, DDT does have bad side-effects. And Rachel Carson didn’t demand the world ban it.
•Some right-wingers just hate the idea that poor people can get help without being judged or stigmatized. And that includes poor kids who get free or subsidized lunch, presumably instead of … I don’t know, working as chimney sweeps to earn lunch money? Funny how it never applies to all the corporations, sports-stadium owners and other moochers with money, though.
•The National Pro-Life Coalition asked Arizona Democrat James Woods to support anti-abortion policies. He sent them a box of condoms and encouraged them to work with him on guaranteeing universal access to birth control.
•Online retailer Accessory Outlet says anyone who does business with it will have their credit card billed for $250 if they criticize the company publicly, threaten to criticize it or try to cancel a bill. I respect their nerve,but not their ethics.
This guy isn’t fond of criticism either, but he doesn’t seem to know what to do about it.
•OMG, Obama’s playing golf before solving all the world’s problems! It’s an old issue with right-wingers.
•I’m not linking directly, but this is an unintentionally hysterical article warning about how Katy Perry is so much worse for American morals than wholesome singers like Madonna, and that Nicky Menaj will corrupt virtuous twentysomething women with her coarse lyrics.


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2 responses to “Another libertarian myth

  1. I’ve wrote about how short-sighted libertarians are a lot. Good post !

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