Branding, journalism and other writing/reading links (#SFWApro)

“Market your brand,” as I’ve mentioned before, isn’t that useful as writing advice. Now the Baffler rips into some advocates of branding and “entrepojournalism” and their disdain for ethical standards (and a belief that if the paper’s mismanaged, reporters should blame themselves).
I do think freelancers are definitely entrepreneurs. And in my experience, the hard ethical line has been blurry for years. However freelancing is a tough racket, and success is rarely as simple as branding or “perfecting your elevator pitch.” And sometimes, yes, papers are mismanaged and astonishingly, reporters can’t actually change that (sometimes we’re lucky if we hang on to your job).
•Rick Perlstein’s new book on the Republican Party’s transition from Nixon to Reagan has triggered charges of plagiarism. This post shows the specific citation and I agree with the writers at both links there’s zero grounds, particularly given the two books are nonfiction. If someone breaks down and cries, there are only so many ways to say “he broke down and cried.”
•Amazon’s newest adversary: Disney. Given Disney’s history, I think Bezos is out of his league.
•Marv Wolfman created the Nova Corps and Xander (seen recently in Guardians of the Galaxy) for Marvel, but during Marvel’s 1990s bankruptcy, he tried reclaiming Nova under the grounds it was based on an earlier character of his own, Black Nova. Here’s the breakdown on the court ruling that said No.
•What happens if a freelance clients starts expanding the work but not the paycheck? I’ve had the experience a couple of times and eventually it’s just not worth it (even if you’re hoping for future work).
•I don’t think any of these methods of preventing procrastination would work for me, but they might work for someone. On the other hand, I think these ideas for improving work efficiency may help me.

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