When you link into the abyss …

Jessica Valenti says tampons should be free or at least treated like other medical necessities (i.e. sales tax exempt). Unsurprisingly, discussions of women’s parts makes some people freak out.
•Writing about the recent police shooting of a black youth, Deadspin says that when you arm police as if they were soldiers, it’s not surprising they treat black Americans like the enemy. Cracked says increasing armament is one reason police scare us.
While I don’t have the direct link, Digby‘s often made a similar point: If police have tons of heavy firearms and SWAT equipment, it’s natural they’re going to use them, even when busting pot smokers or people downloading child porn. Because why not go in heavily armed, just in case? Slacktivist has more.
•Speaking of race, National Review;s Kevin Williamson offers his thoughts on how scary nine-year-old black kids are.
•This is a couple of years old, but it seems Ultra-Orthodox Jews hate the Internet.
•A judge half-concedes that the NCAA’s policy of not paying student athletes isn’t about amateurism.
•It’s no longer just writers who have to worry about bad online reviews. Some Yelp reviewers, meanwhile, think they should be paid for their work. Oh, and Yelp is in trouble over the quality of the reviews too.
•I recently linked to a story about how libertarianism is catching fire with young Americans. As I said there, it’s not true. And it seems the pools cited were somewhat biased.
•Speaking of libertarians, Salon looks at how willing some of them are to work with social conservatives so long as business gets deregulated.
•Lovely. It’s legal to deduct credit-card fees from employee tips.
•As climate change hits the Arctic, it’s releasing frozen methane deposits, which will accelerate global warming. And speaking of warming and rising sea levels, an oil refinery is demanding government pay to protect it from the water.
•The pangolin, a cute, armored mammal, is endangered due to rising human interest in eating them.
•A deputy speaker in Israel’s Knesset calls for concentration camps for Palestinians in Gaza. But don’t worry, they’re only temporary until they can ship out the Palestinians somewhere else.
•Now instead of just moving operations out of the US, corporations have a new trick: keep operations but officially relocate ownership to somewhere with lower taxes.
•Chiquita Bananas has paid millions to the US government as a penalty for funding terrorism in Columbia, or as the company sees it, buying protection. US judges have now ruled victims of the paramilitary group involved can’t sue in U.S. courts.
•A McDonalds franchisee says when his profit margins go down, the company says he should just cut wages.
•LGM looks at how US policy contributes to children crossing the border.

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