Much more like it (#SFWApro)

After last week’s slump, I feel much more pleased with this week’s performance.
My Demand Media work is almost up to my usual level again, though it takes me longer (as I’ve said before, tech articles require more work from me than finance).
•I put in my full 12 hours of fiction writing. I redrafted Schloss and the Switchblade and I think I’ve finally found a protagonist who works. I still need a story arc for him, but the story’s no longer at the Oh God This Will Never Work phase. I got a fair amount done on a super-hero story which also looks much better than the previous draft. Adding an outsider trying to figure out what’s going on helped a lot. And I’ve begun reviewing some of the editorial feedback on Atlas Shagged. Oh and I finished the next draft of The Stage Is a World and that’s starting to take shape too (generally the rule is first draft sucks, fourth or fifth draft gives it a shape I can see becoming a story, and some time after that it finally works).
•I got an article assignment for the Brass website, due next Tuesday, which is doable.
•And I did plenty of watching for Time Travel on Screen.
And that’s pretty much it. No real glitches or triumphs to recount, but quite satisfactory.

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