Amazon goes to war and other writing-related links (#SFWApro)

I’ve linked before to this post about Amazon’s decision to make it hard or impossible to order Hachette books through them. Now it seems the website is not taking orders for Warner videos such as The Lego Movie. Consumerist speculates Amazon’s only hurting itself: it’s not like it’s hard to click over to Barnes & Noble and shop there (whereas if Walmart doesn’t carry something you want you have to physically drive to another store). And other retailers are rushing to fill the gap. Stephen Colbert’s not happy either.
Elizabeth Berger (of my writing group but currently in China) speculates on what stone-age steampunk could look like. I’m in whole-hearted agreement with her that if you’re calling it “whateverpunk” it should have some sort of anachronism, not just a supernatural/super-scientific element.
•I’ve been a great admirer of Chris Hedges’ writing (War Is the Force That Gives Us Meaning is an amazing book). Unfortunately it seems some of it was plagiarized.
•I honestly have no interest in Beastie Boys music, but any time my fellow creators win a copyright lawsuit, I’m happy. Less so with the idea of these guys trying to turn enforcing copyright into a paying business. Because the history of companies going “You’re in the wrong, you owe us, pay up or else!” shows that even people who aren’t in the wrong often get the shaft. Hat tip to Consumerist.
•If you write at Starbucks this should be good news.


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2 responses to “Amazon goes to war and other writing-related links (#SFWApro)

  1. Liz

    Ooh! A reason to go to Starbucks finally!

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