Regular kinds of movies with no time travel (#SFWApro)

Yes, I’m still watching those, though scheduling is obviously a factor—
MOONRISE KINGDOM (2012) is the goofball Wes Anderson tale of a Boy Scout and a broody fantasy-reading girl who fall in love and run away in the 1960s, much to the distress of her parents (Bill Murray, Frances Sternhagen) and his scoutmaster (Ed Norton) while cop Bruce Willis and social worker Tilda Swinton try to track thekids down. Typically loonie for Anderson, but also quite charming. “I blame myself, and I also blame you—you cannot allow your children to stab people.”
HUSBANDS AND WIVES (1992) is another of Woody Allen’s psychotherapy movies (i.e., lots and lots of discussion of relationships and what’s going on in everyone’s head), wherein Sydney Pollack and Judy Davis announce they’re divorcing, leaving their best friends Woody and Mia Farrow wondering if their own marriage is all that stable. This works better than Another Woman or September as it has an actual plot but it’s still not good enough to recommend. Given this came out just as the Allen/Farrow relationship fell apart, it’s hard not to see it as reflecting that; with Lian Neeson and Juliette Lewis as extramarital temptations for Farrow and Allen and Lysette Anthony, Blythe Danner and Julie Kavner in supporting roles. “I call them kamikaze women because they crash their plane into you.”
A remake of the samurai film Yojimbo, A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS (1964) gave Clint Eastwood his breakout role as a serape-clad, cheroot-smoking gunfighter who rides into a strife-ridden town and begins exploiting the conflict between warring families for his own gain. While I’m rarely a Western fan, I liked this one, and it’s easy to see why its style and cynical tone kicked off the “spaghetti Western” genre (i.e., Italian made Westerns) Plus, of course, really cool opening credits “You told me if a man with a rifle faced a man with a 45, the man with the pistol would always lose—shall we see if that’s true?”

(All rights to credit sequence belong to current holder)
The sequel, FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE (1965), didn’t work for me anywhere near as well. Eastwood plays a bounty hunter competing with old bounty-hunting hand Lee Van Cleef to bring in an outlaw with a ten-grand payout on his head. But Van Cleef figures if they wait until the outlaw robs a supposedly impregnable bank, the reward will be even more … I’m not sure if it was Eastwood sharing screen time with more people or what, but this got my usual Westerns Pfah! reaction. “What will the sheriff think if he finds two dead bodies with a lot of money on them?”


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