Itsy bitsy linkage

I’ve linked before to accounts of how Republicans earn some extra coin by selling off their mailing lists of campaign contributors and the like to various direct mail operations. Here’s a look at the scamsters Newt Gingrich sells his email list to.
•A KKK leader insists the group is not about hate. He also says Jesus was not a Jew, and the Jews killed him.
•Virginia Congressional candidate Bob Marshall says handicapped kids are nature’s revenge on women who get abortions.
•Maureen Dowd writes about having a bad experience when she ate a pot-laced candy bar in Colorado. It’s not great work but as Consumerist notes at the link, the question of controlling the amounts in food, especially for inexperienced users, is a serious one.
•The Supreme Court says an international chemical weapons ban can’t be used to prosecute a would-be poisoner. Which is good, I think—prosecutors have been very keen on applying anti-terrorism or chemical-weapons charges to such cases since 9/11. Scott Lemieux says the Court also passed up an opportunity to massively restrict the government’s treaty-making power, which was the minority position in the case.
•The Church of the Latter Day Saints claims a Mormon dating website can’t call itself Mormon Match because the church has “Mormon” trademarked.
•Seattle is raising the minimum wage to $15 there. Franchisees object they’re being forced to raise it faster than other small businesses. Conservatives also freak out. One asserts the time-honored rationale that you’re not supposed to stay in minimum wage jobs you’re entire life. No, but that’s the economy we’ve got.
•Slacktivist ponders a question the blog has discussed before: why do people feel the need to believe that someone out there is sacrificing children to Satan? I discuss one of the books referenced here.
•A Louisiana politician admits the legislature is transferring $4 million from programs for disabled state residents to pay for a corporate race-car event.
•The NSA insists its facial-recognition program for hunting for images of terrorists online strictly respects the rights of US citizens. Given the NSA’s history, I don’t believe him.
As Digby points out, our government blithely writes off three prisoner deaths in the war on terror as a suicide pact designed as an attack on America, despite evidence indicating they were asphyxiated. Our government lies to us about its use of torture and the degree which it spies on us. The NSA has zero credibility.
Charles Pierce and Digby point out that no matter how much Repubs shriek about the Taliban/US soldier prisoner swap, there’s nothing unusual about it (we swapped prisoners with Nazis and the USSR).
•Foz Meadows says that no, “would you say the same thing if the sexes were reversed?” is not an automatic triumph over feminist analysis.

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