Once again, movies that only sound like time travel (#SFWApro)

THE I INSIDE (2003) has Ryan Phillippe suddenly switching from his hospital bed in 2002 to two years early and trying to piece together the web of backstory and backstabbing that surrounds his life, dead brother Stephen Rea and spouse Piper Perabo. This has some clever revelations as we and Philippe learn about his past, but it’s another one where everything turns out to be All In His Head (his life literally flashing before his eyes as he dies). “It’s like a dream—you think you hear a siren but when you wake, it’s only your alarm.”
ME AGAIN (2012) has a burned-out preacher (also burned out as a husband and father) ask God for a different life, and getting his wish. Despite referencing It’s a Wonderful Life, he doesn’t get a change in history, but instead body jumps into various people to gain greater understanding of the human condition and his own heart. Bland and schmaltzy but it says a lot about the growth of Christian media that this is one of several explicitly Christian films I’ll be watching. “Did you have a recent encounter with a genie or a leprechaun?”
THE BROKEN (2008) is one I suspected wouldn’t qualify but couldn’t be sure, as it involves Sinister Doubles emerging from a mirror and replacing their real counterparts, including Leann Headley. However as the film never identifies them as parallel worlders, leaving them as unexplained mirror monsters, it doesn’t qualify. In its own right, routine—I’ve seen lots of “pod people” movies (I wrote the book on them, after all) and this doesn’t rise above middle of the pack. “Why would he have a photograph of her?”


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