Curfew must not link tonight

The World Vision charity recently announced that it’s going to allow gays who abstain from sex outside of marriage and practice fidelity within marriage to work for them (this is the same standard as for straights). The group stated specifically it’s not endorsing same-sex marriage, but conservative Christian donors decided that wasn’t good enough and World Vision reversed itself to protect $840,000 in revenue. Defeating the Dragons vents about Christians who would sooner see children starve than tolerate the switch. More venting here and here. And Slacktivist looks at the comments on the story in Christianity Today.
•As you may know, the religious right has been active in pushing for Uganda’s death-for-gays laws. A local political candidate “Molotov” Mitchell insists that it’s ridiculous to worry about what goes on in Uganda—but somehow he seems to mean the people criticizing the US push, not the pastors who worry Ugandan gays might not be executed. But never mind because he has gay supporters … who chose to remain anonymous, but he swears they’re real people. And his views on setting tougher standards for abortion clinics are all about protecting women, not about making it harder for clinics to operate! And he’s a birther (or at least he produced birther videos which is close enough).
•Mitchell is also a fan of Ron Paul, who contrary to some media reports is not a socially liberal Republican.
•A federal labor official has ruled that college football players can unionize. ESPN explains the whys: The athletes generate tremendous value for the schools and are supervised like employees.
•Drug companies say they’ll stop providing antibiotics for fattening up farm animals. Consumerist has doubts.
•The restaurant industry says wait staff are so highly paid they don’t need a minimum-wage increase.
•A Wal-Mart manager <a href="”>discusses the proposed changes to federal overtime rules.
•A Pennsylvania doctor says he can put dying people into suspended animation.
•Yet another explanation of how liberals are the real racists, and blacks are oh so angry that liberals favor racist policies such as affirmative action, which are a code-word for “You’re inferior!” (Curiously nobody has ever applied that standard to policies that favor legacy admissions to college).
•Mighty God King shreds a libertarian proposal for supposedly fixing the economy.

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