Michael Medved: There are no laws banning same-sex marriage

Right-wing pundit Michael Medved’s career would make for a fascinating biopic.
He started back in the 1970s as the co-author (with his brother) of books on bad films, The Golden Turkey Awards and 50 Worst Films of All Time. While I can’t say their books were terribly deep (as Keep Watching the Skies once pointed out, how can Plan Nine From Outer Space win the Worst Film Ever Golden Turkey when it wasn’t even listed as one of their 50 worst?) but they were genuinely funny. And writing funny stuff about bad films is tougher than you might think (I’ve read enough bad attempts to know).
Then he switched to straight film critic as one of the rotating roster PBS brought into staff Sneak Previews after the original hosts, Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, had left for their own syndicated show. It turns out that being snarky about bad films did not gift him with a flare for intelligent film criticism otherwise.
Then he switched again to become a right-wing film critic, the only critic I’m aware of who thinks Hollywood worries too much about art and not enough about cash. Because, you see, wholesome films make more money than sex and violence (his figures have been questioned; I don’t know who’s right), so the only reason Hollywood has for not being G-rated is that it wants to create Art, which means Perversion and Filth (Modern Art=Filth has been a criticism for well over a century).
And now, apparently he’s a straight right-wing pundit, which, perhaps inevitably means he’s anti-gay. And at the recent CPAC conservative event he asserted that “there has never been a state in this country that has ever banned gay marriage,” Medved said. “That is a liberal lie.”
If you’re wondering how he managed to pull that one out of his butt, it’s simple. In a previous column on the topic he said that “Proposition 8 did nothing to interfere with gay couples in registering for state-recognized civil unions, participating in church or civil ceremonies consecrating their love, forming life-time commitments, raising children, or concluding comprehensive contractual arrangements to share all aspects of life and property. The proposition simply says that government will not get involved in any of these private or public processes by calling such relationships a marriage.”
In the first place, this is splitting hairs way too finely: Yes, gay people can get married anywhere, just not a marriage that’s legally recognized. Oh, and they can just sign a few papers to get all the legal benefits (short answer: that’s a shit-ton of paperwork and it still won’t get the same benefits).
Oh, and according to the column, stopping homosexuals from getting married actually protects them from government oppression, so it’s for their own good. And besides (yes, this old warhorse) they can marry anyone they want of the opposite sex, just like straight people! So there’s really no oppression.
Like I said, a fascinating biopic. But a rather unappealing protagonist.


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