Who would Jesus discriminate against?

I wrote my latest And column on Kansas’ proposal to legalize religious discrimination against gays. Unfortunately, it turns out that’s the tip of the iceberg, as multiple states are pushing bills of this sort. Arizona’s bill would allow any sort of discrimination—racial, gendered, anti-gay—if it’s based on religious belief. Idaho’s would include allowing teachers to refuse to teach gay students.
Even more unpleasantly, Slacktivist reports (based on this NYT article) that the primary reason the Kansas bill died was business opposition. Not to the bill’s principle, but to the possible added business costs—why, it says if an employee doesn’t want to serve a gay couple, the employer has to try and find an alternative staffer to do it. Outrageous!
The Morrmon Church has joined in the fight to preserve recently overturned gay-marriage bans in Oklahoma and Utah. The Church is, of course, horrified that people might take its opposition to gay marriage as some sort of intolerance because unfair!
•Defeating the Dragons explains victim blaming.
•A Kansas bill banning municipal cable has apparently died.
•The FCC wants to make it easier for emergency responders to track cell-phone calls.
•A proposed federal regulation requiring banks report how much fees contribute to their bottom line exempts smaller banks. Larger banks cry foul! I wonder if this will be a new line of defense, given how many federal laws exempt smaller businesses—although the article at the link notes the exemption may have some genuine problems.
•Even if you get TV by satellite, a Comcast/Time Warner merger could hurt you.
•The NCAA argues there’s no need to pay college players because college sports are news events.
•Once again, someone insists CEOs are totally earning every dollar.
Echidne on Dylan Farrow’s statement Woody Allen abused her.

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