Monday evening linkage

The fight to stop all those wanton women who actually want their insurance to pay for their birth control goes on.
•JP Morgan settles a fraud case for $614 million. A nonprofit group has now sued the Justice Department, saying it let the bank off easy.
•A law in Afghanistan (awaiting the president’s signature) bans family from testifying against an accused person. For example, an abused wife or the survivor of an attempted honor killing wouldn’t be able to speak out against a husband or father …
•Antifeminist Christina Hoff Sommers insists that there’s really no wage gap between men and women and anyway any gap that exists is clearly not based on discrimination. At the link, Echidne dissects the flaws in her thinking. Part two here.
•The Republican Party continues its war on the poor by voting against extending unemployment benefits.
•Does Discover’s offer to provide FICO scores on bills really help us manage our credit?
•LGM continues looking at how budget cutbacks affect professors and others, while administration bloats. Likewise, law schools are now allowed tooutsource the third year to established law firms while collecting tuition for it.
•Jonathan Chait reminds us that Republicans only favor any sort of health plan when they need to show they’re not just mindlessly opposing Obamacare (or whatever the threat du jour is). As Chait points out, when Obama made concessions, Repubs just moved to the right.
Similarly, as word of Costco’s generous pay and benefits for employees has become a news topic, conservative writers and bloggers who once held Costco up as a friend to the common man have suddenly decided it’s too fancy-schmancy. Nope, regular Americans would hate it if all stores were as good to their people (as someone notes in comments, so much for the old shtick that when the employer does well, it’s supposed to trickle down to the employees).
•A food industry advocates the FDA set standards for GMO-related labeling. Which would, however, be entirely optional and would also pre-empt any state efforts at labeling laws.
•Having heard that Obamacare will enable some Americans to quite their jobs (as they don’t need their employer to provide insurance), rightbloggers (surprise!) freak out. Because people not desperate enough to cling to their jobs violates American freedom, or something.
•Corporate welfare is still bigger than individual welfare funding.
•This is weird. A store calling itself Dumb Starbucks opens claiming that it can mimic Starbucks’ logo, menu, etc. because the name makes it a parody. Starbucks disagrees (so do I)


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2 responses to “Monday evening linkage

  1. “Dumb Starbucks” is in fact a joke. A pretty elaborate one, I’ll admit…

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