Now, as to Mum

Following up on the previous post … Mum really is doing much better than when I saw her in 2012. She’s still very quiet and spends most of her time watching TV, but her health is notably better. But man, it’s freaky seeing how small she is. I know it’s normal as you get older, but it’s still unsettling.
And she finally has a maid/housekeeper/aide in the mornings that she likes. This is something she pays for over and above the facility’s regular services (independent living provides a basic level of help—laundry, food in the dining room, meds-monitoring—but Mum needs a little more). And she cooks up a good breakfast which ensures Mum gets a healthy start to the day.
When she gets out and about she perks up and gets more talkative, but she’s much quieter with me. And I know she doesn’t like it if I try to push her toward my energy level, so I don’t. But I do wonder if that’s the best approach.
That being the case, we didn’t do much but watch TV and go on a visit to one of her doctors. We played a gin rummy game that I don’t think we finished, and I read to her from our cousin Peter’s book, as her eyes aren’t up for reading. It got a little weird when I was reading Peter dealing about his mother’s death, with me looking at Mum and realizing sooner or later … Weird for me, not for her I hope.
I crash on her couch to save money and stay available: her sleep schedule is very erratic so being constantly on hand keeps me there when she’s up. Unfortunately the constantly on TV gets a little stressful … it’s a big screen and after a while it’s like having a knife driving into my brain. Made it very hard to read and impossible to do work. Also despite my occasional suggestions we try something else, her preference is news and talk shows, which gets old fast for me. We don’t have a 24 hour news cycle, really, we have a four hour news cycle repeated six times a day. And lord, some of the cable reporters came off like aliens feigning being human—aliens who know humans use emphasis and inflection in speech, but can’t quite get it right.
Kvetching (and Lipton tea) aside, I’m really glad I went. And I got almost everything I wanted done (doctor visit, some paperwork stuff) except for getting Mum set up to Skype again (technical issues thwarted that).
But I’m glad to be home with TYG>

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