Hamstrung by Hump Day! (#SFWApro)

A better week than last, as we no longer have the thermostat up high. Much easier to sleep now.
Unfortunately Wednesday was a mess. I went out with my writing group the night before, so I’d budgeted the time to get up late. As frequently happens, my brain took this as a sign I was having a day off and I got started later than necessary (note to self: when getting up late either watch a short video during breakfast hours or nothing at all, so that I don’t tell myself “I have time, I’ll sit to the end.”). Then I had to scrabble frantically around to get my estimated taxes in (the equivalent of withholding for the self-employed, for anyone who doesn’t know). I never leave it to the last day, but we’d had some trouble getting all the data we needed. Ultimately I didn’t get the data so I just wrote a big enough check to be equal to what we paid last year (that should do the trick). All that took up extra time and left me rather frazzled so in the afternoon—making up last week’s sleep deficit, I guess—I wound up napping for a couple of hours instead of my usual fifteen minutes.
That aside, the week went well.
•I got in all my Demand Media articles for the other days of the week.
•I finished the 20,000 words of Brain From Outer Space I wanted done this month.
•I replotted Southern Discomforts.
•I reworked The Day the Rabbits Started Eating People (now Rabbit Indigneotem) and I quite like it. I’ll have it beta-read soon, I hope.
•I contacted two more markets about their lack of response to my submissions. We’re talking a couple of months past the response time, which I wouldn’t mind if they’d tell me the stories are in consideration. Not replying is never anything but a bad sign, so I’ll withdraw them if I don’t hear soon.
•After reading the paranormal romance Assassin’s Gambit, I took a look at my own attempt, Good Morning, Starshine, from a few years back. I haven’t touched it in four years (the rest of 2009 I was working on the Applied Science series, Screen Enemies of the American Way and planning to move up to Durham to be with TYG) and rereading revealed I didn’t even finish the last draft: About a third of the book is still first-draft elements.
Reading it now makes me wince. Like a lot of my early drafts (particularly when I’m not working on them consistently)I use the same phrases, conflicts, issues over and over because I forget I used them earlier in the story. A more fundamental problem is that my hero, Brian Dancer, doesn’t really work. I was playing him as emotionally detached and thawing in the presence of the protagonist (yeah, I know, startlingly original) but I’m not sure that comes across. I’m not sure I even like it. But as yet, I don’t have any alternative ideas, just things I don’t want (I don’t like alpha-male characters much, and I don’t want to explain his detachment with some tragic backstory).
So I don’t think I’m ready to start Draft Three yet. I’ll kick it around in my head and see what I come up with for Brian.
Even with the nap Wednesday, I only missed a couple of hours of writing time. And I made up some of the fiction I didn’t get done last week (using a time-tracker app really does help). So yay.

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