The Raleigh-Durham Illogicon wasn’t as much fun this year as it was last time, but that’s more to do with dumb luck than any flaws on their part. TYG was coming in today from a trip which cut me out of catching some interesting panels, and then I felt sick enough today that I decided not to press my luck in case it’s the onset of Con Crud (hopefully just the result of talking a lot with no hydration).
The good bits:
•Saying hello to Laura Anne Gilman, whom I knew ages ago on a Buffy-fan email list. And one of her new series (she’s impressively prolific) looks like it might be a lot of fun, so I’ll have to look for it (they had copies there, but my budget for new books is zero just now).
•Talking with Mary Robinette Kowal yesterday. She has a book coming out in a couple of years set in early 1900s theater which sounds very interesting and there’s enough overlap with stuff I’m doing in one story or another (writing about someone black who’s passing, for instance) she was able to give me several good recommendations. Which is cool, seeing as she’s like five million times more successful an author than I am and doesn’t know me from Adam.
•Running into multiple members of my writer’s group, and talking to another local writer I haven’t seen in a couple of years.
•The panel on diversity in SF (interesting or the same reasons talking to Kowal were). Most interesting take-away (and from the conversations too) was to be aware that minorities and women were often going places and doing things much earlier than we think. So don’t assume women (or blacks, or Jews) can’t be doing X in a particular era.
•The panel on social sciences in SF didn’t really have much to say. I was hoping for some discussion or examples, but it didn’t get much beyond yes, you need to think about the society, not just the science. Likewise the panel on ethics in specfic stories didn’t seem to get beyond a debate on the merits of The Cold Equations.
Hopefully next year I’ll be in better shape for things (hopefully I’ll be on some panels too).

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