Rich man, poor man, beggarman, links

If cell-phone companies no longer subsidize your new phone, how will that work out?
•An interesting discussion of why wages don’t fall during a recession.
•Suppliers of uniforms and other apparel for the US government often use sweatshop labor.
•The worst er, science, of 2013. Did you know that vaccines can turn your child gay?
•Some academics offer their expertise on economics (do speculators in oil drive up prices) without disclosing they’re bought and paid for.
•Roy Edroso looks at some of the worst right-wing pundit theories of 2013, such as “Obama didn’t really win in 2012!” (this shtick goes back to the Clinton years when right-wingers used to proclaim “Clinton was never elected by the majority of the American people!”).
•Consumerist reports better flow-restrictors on bottles of acetaminophen-containing medicine would save kids’ lives by making it harder for them to overdose.
•Wells Fargo settles a lawsuit that claims it knowingly sold Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (government backed mortgage companies) bad mortgages. The cost? Almost $600 million.
•New Jersey’s 30-year-olddrivers license computers can’t handle a lot of foreign names, hyphenated names or two-word last names (or some first names). The state’s solution: People should change their names.
•The German magazine Der Spiegel says the NSA sometimes intercepted computers going to high-profile targets so that it could implant spyware.
•A tech entrepreneur proposes Silicon Valley form its own state.
•”Mistaking capitalism for a blueprint as to how to build a society strikes me as a really dangerous idea in a bad way” and more thoughts from the creator of The Wire.
•A Vietnamese identity-theft service found a great way to get personal data out of Experian: pay the company money. This isn’t entirely surprising. I’ve been reading stories for years about how sloppy some data brokers are about who they sell information too.
•Oklahoma can use money from the state franchise tax on corporations to pay for school tornado shelters, or they can cut the tax? Guess which Republicans prefer?
•This LGM linkpost includes links to several great stories: one on how Medicaid sets fees for medical services, one on poor families living in cheap hotels, and on the growing temp-worker job market.
•A pastor who cons an aging parishioner out of $150,000 gets 90 days in jail, total, for his three felony convictions. Nevertheless he claims he’s being persecuted for his faith.
•The religious right continues claiming that the fight over birth control and abortion is really a fight over whether religion will stay legal. As I’ve said before, these guys like to whine.
•Conservative Catholics may be fine with the church’s fight against birth control. But how dare he criticize capitalism?
•The last of the Chinese Uighurs detained at Guantanamo have been freed. As detailed in the link, they never did anything to deserve detention in the first place, other than be Muslim.
•Digby reflects on the launch of the Affordable Care Act.
•David Brooks says he smoked pot in high school and so knows it’s potentially destructive (one of his friends became a stoner! And Brooks smoked pot before giving a presentation and got a bad grade!). So therefore, legalizing pot is bad! It’s very much in the standard Brooks mode (use the search tool to find some of my past posts on him if you like) of calling on our glorious leaders to establish a top-down social order and make people conform to it. As LGM points out, he also ignores that his vision of the government gently nudging people to be better has nothing to do with a nation where the nudge is in the form of long, harsh jail sentences.

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